City of Horn Lake

Municipal Ordinances

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The following list of ordinances are ordinances that are mainly enforced by the police department. If there are other ordinances that you would like to see on this page please email us at




73-11        Amended - Prescribing Rules and Regulations for  Sale of Beer and

                Wine; Shown as amended by Ordinance # 10-04-197


74-26        Comprehensive Traffic Regulations

Article I.General and Administrative Provisions

Section 12-1.Short Title

Section 12-2.Definitions

Section 12-3.Traffic Division Established; Supervision

Section 12-4.Duties of Traffic Division

Section 12-5.Records of Traffic Violations

Section 12-6.Traffic Division to Investigate Accidents

Section 12-7.Traffic Accident Studies

Section 12-8.Traffic Accident Reports

Section 12-9.Driverís files to be Maintained

Section 12-10.Traffic Division to Submit Annual Traffic Safety Report

Section 12-11. Traffic Division to Designate methods of identifying funeral processions

Section 12-12. Traffic Safety Coordinator Appointed; General Powers, Duties

Section 12-13. Emergency and Experimental Regulations

Section 12-14. Traffic Commission Created; Membership; Powers and Duties

Section 12-15. State Operatorís License Required.

Section 12-16 through Section 12-25 Reserved.

Article II.Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations

Section 12-26. Authority, Duty of Police and Fire Department Officers Generally

Section 12-27. Obedience to Regulations Required

Section 12-28. Obedience to Police and Fire Officers Required

Section 12-29. Applicability to persons propelling Pushcarts, Riding Animals

Section 12-30. Use of Coasters, Roller Skates, etc., Restricted

Section 12-31. Obedience by Public Employees

Section 12-32. Privileges granted Authorized Emergency Vehicles

Section 12-33. Operation of Vehicles upon approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicle

Section 12-34. Immediate Notice of Action Required

Section 12-35. Accident Reports when Driver Unable to Report

Section 12-36. Accident Reports Confidential

Section 12-37. Garage Keeper to Report Damaged Vehicle

Section 12-38. Vehicles at scene of Accident.Authorized Emergency Vehicle Restricted

Section 12-39. Same-Dispersement of Other Vehicles

Section 12-40 through Section 12-47 Reserved.

Article III.Traffic Violations Bureau

Section 12-48. Created

Section 12-49. Person Charged may elect to Appear Before Magistrate

Section 12-50. Duties of Bureau

Section 12-51. Records Required

Section 12-52. Procedures for Bureau

Section 12-53 through 12-62 Reserved.

Article IV.Penalties and Procedure on Arrest

Section 12-63. Violation of Chapter Provisions, Penalty

Section 12-64.Duties of Arresting Officers

Section 12-65.Forms and Records of Citations and Arrests

Section 12-66.Disposition and Records of Citations, Warrants

Section 12-67.Illegal cancellation of Citations

Section 12-68.When Citation Deemed Lawful Complaint

Section 12-69.Failure to Obey Citation

Section 12-70.Citation Required or Illegally Parked Vehicle

Section 12-71.Failure to Comply with Citation on Parked Vehicle

Section 12-72.Presumption in Reference to Illegal Parking

Section 12-73.When warrant to be Issued

Section 12-74.Records of Traffic Cases; Report of Convictions to Department of Public Safety

Section 12-75.Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures

Section 12-76.Authority to Impound Vehicles

Section 12-77 through 12-86.Reserved

Article V.Pedestrians

Section 12-87.Subject to Traffic-Control Signals

Section 12-88.Right of Way in Crosswalks

Section 12-89.Pedestrians to use Right Half of Crosswalk

Section 12-90.Crossing to be at Right Angle

Section 12-91.When pedestrians to Yield

Section 12-92.Prohibited Crossing

Section 12-93.Obedience to Bridge and Railroad Signals

Section 12-94.Walking along Roadways

Section 12-95.Soliciting Rides or Business Prohibited

Section 12-96.Duty of Drivers to Exercise Care

Section 12-97 through 12-106.Reserved

Article VI.Bicycles

Section 12-107.Scope of Regulations; Responsibility of Parents, Guardians

Section 12-108.Applicability of Traffic Laws Regulations

Section 12-109.Obedience of Traffic-Control Devices

Section 12-110.Rider to be on Seat; Number of Riders

Section 12-111.Duty to keep to Right, Exercise Care; Riding Abreast; Use of Bicycle Path Required

Section 12-112.Speed

Section 12-113.Emerging from Alley, Driveways or Buildings

Section 12-114.Carrying Articles

Section 12-115.Place, Manner of Parking

Section 12-116.Riding on Certain Sidewalks and Roadways; Duties Regarding Pedestrians

Section 12-117.Equipment Required on Bicycles.

Section 12-118 through 12-127.Reserved

Article VII.Equipment of Vehicles

Section 12-128.Brakes Required

Section 12-129.Flag or Light on Projecting Load

Section 12-130.Horns and Warning Devices

Section 12-131.Lights Required on Vehicles

Section 12-132.Same Parked Vehicles

Section 12-133.  Same Motorcycles and Bicycles

Section 12-134.Red or Green Lights on Front of Vehicle Prohibited

Section 12-135.Mufflers

Section 12-136.Mirrors

Section 12-137.Windshields

Section 12-138 through 12-145.Reserved

Article VIII.Miscellaneous Driving Rules

Section 12-146.Following, Parking near Fire Apparatus

Section 12-147.Driving over Fire Hose

Section 12-148.Crossing Fire Line

Section 12-149.Driving through Processions

Section 12-150.Funeral Processions to be Identified

Section 12-151.Parades, etc., prohibited; Exception

Section 12-152.Vehicles Prohibited on Sidewalks

Section 12-153.Limitations of Backing

Section 12-154.Opening Doors into Traffic

Section 12-155.Corner Cutting

Section 12-156.Driving Across Median Strip

Section 12-157.Riding on Motorcycles

Section 12-158.Clinging to Vehicles

Section 12-159.Unlawfully Entering or Leaving Controlled Access Facilities

Section 12-160.Towing Vehicles

Section 12-161.Towing more than one Trailer, Parking Trailers in Business District Prohibited

Section 12-162.Quiet Zones

Section 12-163.Operation of Vehicles while Under Influence of Intoxicating Liquor; Results of Chemical Test Available

Section 12-164.Reckless Driving

Section 12-165.Coasting Prohibited

Section 12-166.Load of Vehicle not to escape

Section 12-167.Obstructing or Impairing Driverís View or Mechanism

Section 12-168.Manner of Sitting in Vehicle Restricted

Section 12-169.Certain Wheels Prohibited; Restricted.

Section 12-170 through 12-178.Reserved

Article IX.Operations of Vehicles Generally

Section 12-179.Drive on Right Side of Roadway; Generally

Section 12-180.Same At Intersections

Section 12-181.Meeting of Vehicles

Section 12-182.Overtaking and Passing a Vehicle; Manner

Section 12-183.Same Limitations

Section 12-184.Same Duty of Overtaken Operator

Section 12-185.Same On the Right

Section 12-186.Following Too Closely

Section 12-187.Right of Way

Section 12-188.Yield Right of Way

Section 12-189.Starting, Stopping, Turning Signals Required

Section 12-190.Same How Given

Section 12-191.Same Method

Section 12-192.Boarding or alighting from Vehicle in Motion Prohibited

Section 12-193 through 12-202.Reserved

Article X.Turns

Section 12-203.Position, Method of Turning at Intersection

Section 12-204.Authority to Place and Obedience to Turning Markers

Section 12-205.Authority to Place Restricted Turn Signals

Section 12-206.Obedience to Restricted Turn Signs

Section 12-207.Limitations on Turning Around

Section 12-208 through 12-217.Restricted

Article XI.One-Way Streets and Alleys

Section 12-218.Designation; Sign Required

Section 12-219.Authority to Restrict Direction of Movement at Streets During Certain Periods

Section 12-220 through 12-229.Reserved

Article XII.Speed

Section 12-230.State Speed Laws Applicable

Section 12-231.Maximum Speed

Section 12-232.Minimum Speed Regulations

Section 12-233.Regulation of Speed by Traffic Signal Timing Authorized

Section 12-234.Racing

Section 12-235 through 12-244.Reserved

Article XIII.Traffic Control Devices

Section 12-245.Authority to Install

Section 12-246.Manual and Specifications

Section 12-247.Devices on State Highways

Section 12-248.Obedience to Devices Required

Section 12-249.When Signs Required for Enforcement

Section 12-250.Traffic Control Signal Legend

Section 12-251.Flashing Signals

Section 12-252.Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals, Markings

Section 12-253.Interfering with Devices or Railroad Signs or Signals

Section 12-254.Safety Traffic Coordinator to Designate, Mark Crosswalks and Safety Zones

Section 12-255.Safety Traffic Coordinator to Mark Traffic Lanes

Section 12-256.Driving on Laned Roadways

Section 12-257 through 12-266.Reserved

Article XIV.Stop and Yield Intersections, Railroad Crossings, Etc.

Section 12-267.Designation of Through Streets

Section 12-268.Signs Required at Through Streets

Section 12-269.Other Intersections where Stop or Yield Required

Section 12-270.Construction and Location of Stop and Yield Signs

Section 12-271.Duty of Vehicle Entering Stop Intersections

Section 12-272.Duty of Vehicle Entering Yield Intersection

Section 12-273.Emerging from Alley, Driveway or Building

Section 12-274.Stop Required when Traffic Obstructed

Section 12-275.Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach of Train

Section 12-276 through 12-285.Reserved

Article XV.Stopping, Standing, Parking Prohibited

Section 12-286.Prohibited in Specified Places, No Signs Required

Section 12-287.Obstructing Traffic Prohibited

Section 12-288.Parking in Alleys

Section 12-289.Parking for Certain Purposes Prohibited

Section 12-290.Parking Adjacent to Schools

Section 12-291.Parking of Produce Trucks Prohibited

Section 12-292.Liability of owner for Illegally Parked Vehicles

Section 12-293 through 12-302.Reserved

Article XVI.Stopping, Standing, Parking Restricted or Prohibited on Certain Streets

Section 12-303.Applicability of Article

Section 12-304.Designation of Streets

Section 12-305.Signs Required

Section 12-306.Disobeying Signs Prohibited

Section 12-307.Time Limitations not Exclusive

Section 12-308.Parking on Banquettes Restricted

Section 12-309 through 12-318.Reserved

Article XVII.Stopping for Loading or Unloading

Section 12-319.Designation of Curb Loading Zones

Section 12-320.Stopping, Standing, Parking in Passenger Curb Loading Zones

Section 12-321.Stopping, Standing, Parking in Passenger Curb Loading Zones

Section 12-322.Designation of Public Carrier Stops and Stands

Section 12-323 through 12-332.Reserved

Article XVIII.Method of Parking

Section 12-333. Proximity to Right-Hand Curb; as amended by # 78-53

Section 12-334.Designation of Angle Parking Spaces

Section 12-335.Obedience to Angle Parking Marking

Section 12-336.Lights on Parked Vehicles

Section 12-337.Unattended Vehicles

Section 12-338 through 12-368.Reserved

Article XX.Special parking Privileges

Section 12-369.Parking License; who may apply, use; Minimum Fines Amended by Ordinance # 75-39

Section 12-370.Same Identification of Parking Space

Article XXI.Commercial Vehicles on City Streets


75-39       An Ordinance Amending the Minimum Fines under Ordinance 74-26,

                      Article XX, Section 12-369


78-53       An Ordinance Amending Section 12-333, Article XVIII of the Traffic



78-57       Ordinance on massage parlors; additional ordinance # 92-02-23


8-1-87      Failure to Maintain Control


7-1-88      Designating Fire Lanes and Handicap Zones and Prohibiting parking


10-1-89    Prohibiting unauthorized persons from standing in the street to solicit

               donations from passing motorist


90-12-16   Rules & regulations for sale of beer and wine, amends 73-11


91-05-17   Regulating pawn brokers and junk dealers


92-02-23   Regulating and licensing sexually oriented businesses


94-09-40   Designating Ridgewood a one-way street during certain hours.


94-10-43   Ad Valorem taxes to be paid, penalties.


97-01-64   Fireworks regulations, penalties, repealing #74-21 & 78-56


98-01-73   Traffic regulations, amends 75-39; repeals 94-09-39


98-01-74   False Information to Police officers during investigation.


99-04-88   Traffic Regulations


99-05-89   Prohibiting the purchase and possession of tobacco by minors


02-08-114  Alarms - regulating alarm systems responded to by police.


02-08-115  Firearms - regulating the use and discharge


03-05-122  Animal Control Ordinance - Comprehensive regulations.


04-04-130  Parks & City Property - Conduct and Regulations.


05-02-143  Adopting written procedures for access to public records.  (as amended by 10-06-198)


05-03-145  Heavy trucks, abandoned vehicles, etc.


05-08-149  Basketball goal - public way prohibitions  effective 9/23/05


05-09-150  Curfew - Conduct and presence of minors effective 10/7/05


05-09-151  Open Container  effective 10/7/05


05-12-156  Sex Offender Ordinance  effective 1/6/06


06-08-165  Prohibiting Alcoholic Beverages on municipal or public property without a permit


06-11-167  Storage Fee for impounded vehicles  effective 12/8/06


08-05-188  Noise Control Ordinance effective 6/21/08


10-06-199  Spice - K2 Ordinance effective 7/16/10





73-8                      REPEALED - Traffic Regulation Ordinance; 98-01-73 current speed limit ordinance.


73-9                      REPEALED - Animal Control Ordinance : 93-05-30 current Animal Control Ordinance.


75-40       An Ordinance Prohibiting the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on City

                      owned property.


79-59       REPEALED - Prohibiting the discharging of firearms.


80-66       REPEALED - Ordinance regulating junked and abandoned property


86-87       In process of being repealed, so there is no link to this ordinance anymore.

               Ms. Code. 75-85-1 thru 75-85-19 is the controlling authority.

               Ordinance regulating transient vendors, solicitors and canvassers


92-04-26   REPEALED - Prohibit and limit the use of heavy trucks


93-05-30   REPEALED - Animal Control Ordinance - Comprehensive regulations.


94-06-38   REPEALED - Sale and consumption of alcohol on city property


94-09-39   REPEALED - Traffic regulation ordinance.


95-08-45   REPEALED    Curfew - Regulating the presence and conduct of minors.


95-10-48   REPEALED    Prevent the sale, consumption and possession of alcohol on Municipally owned and/or operated property; repeals 94-06-38


98-04-76   REPEALED    Noise control ordinance


98-04-77   REPEALED    Prohibiting abandoned vehicles, heavy trucks, junk vehicles Repealed 4/2/05


00-11-101  REPEALED   Prohibit and limit use of heavy trucks, abandoned vehicles, etc.


07-08-178  REPEALED   Residential Rental Property