Exploring Restrictions & Parameters

Exploring Restrictions
The Explorer shall not in any circumstances be permitted to carry a firearm while on a ride-along or at any other Explorer function. The Explorer will not be taken into a situation where the officer feels his/her life may be threatened. If a situation does occur, the Explorer will be taken to a safe location and left until another unit is available to go and get him/her.

The Explorer may not:

         Drive any police vehicles

         Be left in control of any prisoner

         Sign any arrest, offense, accident report, traffic citation, or other legal documents

         Leave the police vehicle or assist at any scene unless so instructed by his/her supervisor

         Assist in providing cover for any possible crime in progress

         Represent in any way that he/she is a police officer

Ride-Along Program Parameters
To participate in the ride-along program an Explorer must:

         Complete the criteria set forth by the advisers

         Be a member of Explorers for six months

Each Explorer will have a four-hour time limit for the ride-along.

Explorers must agree to follow and abide by all rules and regulations of the Horn Lake Police Explorer Program, and also if eligible, the ride-along program. If the Explorer fails to honor these rules and regulations set forth, he/she will forfeit their privileges to participate in the program.

Contact Us
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